Social Media Marketing & Management -$5hr


we will maintain _ 6 Social Media Platform

Facebook page, Twitter, alignable, Pinterest, Linked-in Instagram, etc.

  • Everyday 2 or 3 posts (Tweet) According to a website.
  • Join Niche base Group! And every group 1 post day!! (minimum 10 Group)
  • In clearing all platforms Follower.
  • Some Securite marketing. But it’s manual. anything else!

Client Agreement Daily post from authorized sources.Joining relevant groups and actively interacting.Using all methods to draw attention to each page. I love how you long everything on the Sheet. I would like an activity list where you can list whatever tasks were done for that day. Then any of your professional recommendations are greatly appreciated. I want organic page growth and I will provide quality content.

We provide professional social media management services. Our Agency Social team has been a lot of experience. With our monthly service, we manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. We start by researching your brand, industry, and competitors. Next, we create branded posts that are relevant and engaging. Then we search the top hashtags and schedule your posts for the month. After the campaign, we provide an analytics report. We also offer campaign add-ons like profile optimization, stories, and more.



  • Analytics
  • Page Audit
  • Action Plan
  • Brand Research
  • Posting Schedule
  • Hashtags Research
  • Scheduling/ Posting
  • Delivered in Excel Format
  • Custom Daily Posting Ideas

Why me:

  • You will get me online 24/7
  • Life-time chat support!
  • Minimum Rate on Market

Remarks: I will donate 1% from your order to save the children Foundation!


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